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Going on a Bear Hunt

 Neighborhoods are doing an awesome thing for kids and families going on walks or drives. Everyone who wants to participate will put teddy bears in their windows so families can go on a "bear hunt." Families love the Going on a Bear Hunt book, so we are all thrilled and eager to participate. Share this idea in case others want to start Bear Hunts in their neighborhoods. 

Unfortunately over the evening, the locations on the map were deleted. I'm sure this was unintentional. At this point you can find bears just about every neighborhood you turn down! Now it's time for the real HUNT! No hints :) Continue to enjoy time with your families and stay safe...and smart! Thank You for all of the support. This site will be taken down April 10, 2020. Please email if you have any suggestions for the domain ongoing.


Start with the Bear Hunt Sing-A-Long!


View the Map

See all the locations & Start Your Hunt

I wish it didn't have to be said, but just to be safe....Please be careful and make sure you are accompanying your children on the Bear Hunts. Out of respect for others' health and safety, keep a safe distance when "hunting" and do not approach the properties of others.


It's amazing to see local businesses supporting their community!! 

Click the logo to help our local small businesses!

If you have a bear at your business, let us know!

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